Why we should all embrace a new era of skin positivity

Why we should all embrace a new era of skin positivity

Skin Embrace is the layer which covers the whole body of a person. The skin may be a different colour and can be categories in different type. Everyone wants better and flawless skin which looks attractive and clear. But about 80% of people suffer from the skin issue, winkle, and acne; clogged, sun-tanning is some of the issues. Clear and healthy skin shows the confidant of the people so people with unhealthy skin hide their flaw under the heavy makeup. They are the embrace of their unhealthy skin. They thought they can get a troll or can get a negative comment from the other people. But now the time change flawlessly buffed mask is slipping.in a bold rejection of conventional beauty ideals women with acne are posting their picture. They are not afraid of the flaw in their skin.

Why we should all embrace a new era of skin positivity

Skin Embrace Positivity

Many of the women with the celebrity tag or holding a great post in the society are posting their selfies with hashtags such as #SKINPOSITIVITY. They are showing their actual acne skin and feel proud. Through such skin positivity hashtags, they are spreading a message that no one is perfect, all people in the world have some flaws whether they are a celebrity, a normal school girl, working women or a simple housewife.  All are beautiful in their own way. Now it became a trend and celebrating across the world. Now women are not afraid of posting their actual makeup-free picture in the social media. They are not afraid of getting troll or negative comments about their skin; they are actually feeling proud of what they are.           

Skin Positivity Movement     

A skin positivity movement is taking hold on social media, the red carpet and beyond. People are posting their “before” and “after” picture of her acne suffering skin with and without makeup. Folks are taking winkle as positive gratitude because they speak to wisdom, experience and a life well-lived. People with such step show that we all are human. It means we are honest. It means we are alive.

No one has the right to judge you

Skin positivity has become a hot topic. There is currently approximate 6500 hashtags are done for #skinpostivity. All across the world, people are campaigning. Women are proudly displaying their eczema and makeup-free skin. Most of the celebrities are found without a make in some spots like the airport and some of the other public places. Women in public eyes are also joining the conversation. Skin positivity now becomes a trend where women are got appreciated in every field of their flaws in their skin. They are now free to live their life without thinking about anyone opinion.



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