Why Coronavirus disease doesn’t have Severe Problems to Youngsters?

coronavirus disease

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is a trending topic all around the world, and it makes its appearance in all the villages and cities. The virus causing COVID-19 seems to affect some people harder than others, with some of them feeling only mild symptoms and others being hospitalized with ventilation support. Though many scientists at initial thought age were the big factor, new research has revealed some factors that can lead people to death. Let’s get some clear ideas about COVID-19 severity death rates.

Coronavirus cases

Age effects 

Coronavirus infection is increasing day by day because it affects people even by touching factors. We see the recent reports that reveal mostly 60+ age people face severe issues like death. However, age is not only a factor that leads to death because we can 4% young and teen people got unfortunate death due to the coronavirus disease.


Diabetes is a harmful disease that reduces the immunity of people so people need to take insulin medicine regularly. You have to face severe troubles if you’re a diabetic patient and affected by the coronavirus. High blood sugar level has a link with the severity of COVID-19 infections. coronavirus disease can hit people severely if they have some medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and more.

Hypertension and Heart Diseases

If People with some conditions that affect the cardiovascular system such as hypertension, and heart troubles mostly suffer complications from coronavirus disease infection. It’s not a big power virus but it can hit people severely who have more health troubles. A good health patient no needs to feel worried about this virus because it only shows symptoms like fever, cough, and others. In these modern days, people are having many troubles like heart attack, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, and others. The coronavirus may kill people if they have experienced the above troubles.

Smoking Habits

In these present days, most of the people have smoking habits. The coronavirus is already a dangerous one and it can hit severely people who have smoking habits. The smokers face respiratory troubles regularly and they’re also vulnerable to catch the viral infections easily. They have no big immune system too. If coronavirus attacks smokers, then they should face the bigger consequences like death.

The scientists are still researching about Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic virus but it changes its symptoms frequently. They also consider some health factors that can lead people to unfortunate deaths and those are obesity, blood type, and other genetic troubles. In these present days, all the people are struggling hard to get back to normal from this pandemic situation. If you have a strong immune system and good health conditions, then you can easily beat this bloody viral infection.

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