What are best ab workouts for men?

What are best ab workouts for men

      The ab workouts for men are not easy to do but they can get flatten gut if they follow workouts without failure. However, people can’t achieve the perfect abs by taking supplements and medicines so they need to know the list of ab workouts and follow them regularly. In these present days, all the men want to tone the muscles well and keep the body fit. If men or women do not follow the diet well, then it leads to fatty stomach formation. Modern people love hyper-fitness so they do regular exercises for keeping abs and biceps fit.

We all have been attracted to the flashy and fascinating six-pack abs of the Bollywood superstars. With the ever-growing passion for fitness and attractive looks, abs have been the most attractive part of bodybuilding. From film stars to cricketers we see people flashing their abs and creating a sense of aww among others.

What are the best exercises for abs?

What are the best exercises for abs

       Body fitness is a symbol of excellence so men and women are now showing special interest in workouts and meditations. People’s abdominal muscles need to be fueled well; otherwise, they will face many fitness issues. Ab workouts will strengthen the abdominal muscles but they must get advises from qualified gym trainers. Let’s see the top 2 ab workouts for men.

Hanging Knee Up

    The hanging knee up workout is taking responsibility of transversus abdominals. These muscles are holding the human’s stomach flat and tight. This core ab workouts for men helps to keep the abs perfect and flatten. Actually, people should use a pull-up bar and hang from it with their palms facing away from them, shoulder-width apart and their feet must be together. They need to bend their hips and knees simultaneously and should lift their thighs towards the chest. People should repeat these steps and it helps them achieve the flatten abs.


Smart core workouts for men will give a smart benefit so men or women no need to worry about perfect abs, just do workouts regularly. Planking is another workout for ab and it supports their whole body weight in a single move. It’s also like pushups but they should follow it carefully. Initially, they need to start with pushup position, and simply support their weight on their forearms and toes. Their elbows have to be bent at the ninety-degree angle.

They should keep their hips, back and neck on one straight direction and hold the same position for a minute. Then they should roll onto their right side but do not let the parts come down the floor. They have to shift their full weight onto their right side elbow with left foot on top of their right foot. They need to keep their hips off the floor with assigning right shoulder directly above their right elbow. And keep the left hand at their waist and hold it for 30 seconds. People should do these core exercises for men carefully to gain benefits soon. 

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