Various Phases and Benefits of Doctor Agatstons South Beach Diet

Various Phases and Benefits of Doctor Agatstons South Beach Diet

      In these modern days, common people face some critical health issues like heart disease. Mostly, they can kick out the health issues by regular exercises and diet procedures. Dr Arthur Agatston was a famous cardiologist and found a diet method that helps patients to recover from various heart diseases. At initially, is targeted to help patients to reduce the risk of heart health issues, but it simultaneously became a popular diet for weight loss too. Dr Agatston’s fad diet named South Beach diet and it helps to lead a healthy life too.

Three phases of the Dr Agatston Diet

There are three phases in the south beach diet: The first one aims to kick-start the process of weight loss, the second one takes the dieter to their fixed weight and the third one aims to maintain the unique weight.

South Beach Diet Phase 1

It simply aims to expel cravings for sugary foods and refined starches by levelling blood-sugar levels. Sudden weight loss may occur during this diet phase. This phase needs to be followed by the people who want to be fit and healthy. Users have to take normal-sized items such as lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish and shellfish, tofu, eggs, fat cheese, nuts, beans and vegetables.

The patients or common people will eat three well-balanced meals in a day, with snacks and desserts. The snacks are highly necessary, even if the patient is not hungry, because someone who feels good is less likely to overeat at the very next meal.

However, people should avoid some foods during south beach diet phase 1 such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugary and baked foods like cookies, candy and ice creams. They need to avoid alcoholic drinks too.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will last long until the patient reaches their pleasant weight. In phase II, the patient can introduce some healthy carbs like brown rice. During south beach diet phase 2, the people usually will lose 1–2 pounds in a week, depending on their body metabolism. It’s a slow weight loss process but it makes people fit certainly. Some patients will feel tense or worry about regaining the weight when they start eating carbohydrate foods again.

Dr Arthur Agatston stresses that users must have these carbs, because if they are willing to maintain this diet for life, then carbohydrates will be important long-term for keeping good health. Some suitable carbohydrates are fruits, whole-grain bread, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, brown rice and others.

Initially, the patient will add one carbohydrate food to just one regular meal for one single week. They should watch closely how their body reacts to a reintroduction of carbohydrate consumption. If their body responds well, then they can add up a second carbohydrate food, again watching the body’s reaction sharply.

Normally, patients can understand the improvement of phase 2 by some changes such as improved energy, better sleep quality, better mood, continued slow weight loss, regular bowel movements and better skin. In case a patient does not feel well at this stage, then they can simply return to Phase 1 for some days until they regain their original control.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, the patients will learn to make good food options and maintain their brand new weight in the long-term. The south beach diet phase 3 is also called a maintenance phase and it lets people adopt a lifestyle rather than following any diets. If people feel the weight gain and discomfort, then they have to move phase 1 and starts one by one for keeping fitness.  It’s all about maintaining a body well without any issues.

Benefits of South Beach Diet

 South Beach Diet

Generally, a low-carbohydrate diet will help people who wish to lose weight. It also helps to control blood sugar level-so diabetes patients will feel good with this diet method.  However, it remains the same that unclear whether it can cure cardiovascular risks. The south beach diet will bring tremendous changes in the body of the human being. Common people can avoid diabetes if they follow this diet in a regular manner. Hypertension is a serious side-effect that may cause some serious troubles and this fad diet can prevent hypertension easily. It helps to achieve normal cholesterol levels for the long term. They can keep an ideal body weight by regularly following south beach diet. 

Why the South Beach Diet is Important?

 The developer of the diet says that people like it because it is an easy and flexible way of losing weight, without any worries about calories. There are billions of people who love to follow this diet method because it completely changes overall food eating habits. It shows the reality of healthy life so it still makes huge attention from people. Keeping a body fit is important because it can keep them stay away from various health issues.

Sample Dishes Should Eat in Phase 1

In Phase 1, people can choose some suitable foods after consulting a doctor. They can have goat cheese with asparagus omelettes in the breakfast. They may try beef chilli and avocado salad for lunch. The grilled steak with mushroom and white beans for dinner will be good while maintaining phase 1.

Sample Dishes Should Eat in Phase 2

During phase 2 people can have breakfast with spicy oatmeal and walnuts with vegetable juice cocktail. It’s better to have Spice-rubbed chicken fingers, festive 5-veggie slaw, and non-fat milkshakes in the lunchtime. The grilled chicken with savoury sauce and vegetables with some brown rice noodles and non-fat milkshakes will be effective for dinner. Phase 2 is a little bit critical so users have to concentrate well on food culture.

Happy lifestyle is a wish of a normal human being but it’s not easy without fittest food culture and healthy exercises. Dr Arthur Agatston is making a great diet method which is great for people who want to stay away from heart diseases. Additionally, this diet method is helping people to lose some weight.

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