Top 10 Beauty Brands Made in USA

Top 10 Beauty Brands Made in USA

Beauty Brands is the first thing which got noticed by any person when you meet them. People first thing is to notice how beautiful or ugly they are and how they are maintaining themselves, they judge people by their cloth, beauty in the skin. As it is said that first impression is what others usually make their opinion to them. healthy and attractive skin shows the confidence of the person. The purpose of cosmetic is to make you look attractive, give you younger looker skin. Makeup can be categories in various types. The skin makes up consist of foundation, concealer, powder and blusher. Eye makeup includes shadow, liner, and brow definer. Lip makeup includes such as lipstick lip gloss and lip liner.

Top 10 Beauty Brands Made in USA

So many companies have been launch in the beauty field and launch several types of product to meet the demand of people for their beauty product. The cosmetic industry becomes so large because of the huge demand for the product among the people.

Cosmetic product in the USA -Beauty Brands

There is much best cosmetic company which produce varieties of makeup product across the world. One of the best makeup brand production company is the USA. Many of the best makeup brands in the USA are increasingly offering natural cosmetic which gives natural skin.

  1. Coty: it is one of the most trending cosmetic brands in the USA. Coty has become a global leader in colour cosmetic, professional, fragrance hair care and styling.
  2. L’Oreal: it is one of the largest cosmetic company across the world which covers all type of cosmetic in it. It consists of hair care product, skin care product and makeup product.
  3. New Avon: Avon is one of the popular and oldest cosmetic brands in the USA. Which created a huge fan and grown house to house. Some cosmetic brands are Avon True Color, Skin So Soft, ANEW and Espira.
  4. Ulta Beauty: It carries more than 500 brands. Ulta beauty gives a tough completion to the other cosmetic brand. It is a salon chain and one of the largest beauty retailers.
  5. Revlon: is one of the leaders in the USA in the cosmetic market business. It not only has beauty tool product but also has deodorants, colour silk hair colour.
  6. Chanel: a cosmetic and a perfume company which began several year ago and has world leading makeup brand.
  7. Badger: it is organic skincare and lip healing balms. And offer gluten free products
  8. Esler: it is natural skin care products which include peels and mask.
  9. Evander: it is natural, organic skin care product. This is cruelty free; made of 25 natural ingredients.
  10. Freeman Beauty: it includes beauty product like facemasks, dry shampoo, skincare and foot product.

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