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You Don’t Have to Suffer From Acne Scars | Acne Treatment Skin Care

Acne scars a nightmare for any teenager. As a child steps into its adolescence, experiences various hormonal changes, and because of these hormonal changes, there is development in their physical structure, and the child becomes more mature. Another aspect which reveals that shows that you have grown up is the popping up of the acne on the clean and clear skin which earlier you used to flaunt. Most of the teenagers face this acne problem, and there is nothing to worry about this problem as it is very natural, and it can be cured with proper precautions and medication.

Often, acne is not all that painful and torturous all the time. There are two types of acne known as non-inflammatory acne, which is relatively mild, and the other form is inflammatory acne, which is a more painful one. The non-inflammatory acne is usually the whiteheads or the blackheads which don’t affect much on the skin and can be cured using a proper medication or by merely plucking the blackheads.

The more advanced form of whiteheads is the inflammatory acne, which is when the whiteheads become pimples and pustules develop in it. These are the types of acne which can leave acne scars on the body and which can be treated only by medication or at times through surgery.

When the acne, the inflammatory ones, are not appropriately treated, or when you always touch them, then it is no less than a wound, and it will definitely leave a mark behind. To save oneself from this dreaded mark, one should follow these simple but golden rules, and your skin will be as flawless as ever.

  1. Avoid oily food, if you know that your skin type is very oily. This will only create pustules in the pores of the skin. Oily skin is the easiest to fall prey for the acne.
  2. Also, drink lots of water so that the body is free from toxins and the blood flowing is pure.
  3. Do not ever touch the acne, as it will leave the marks or so-called the deadly scars! So beware.

For ages, these acne scars have proven to be very painful as they would remind you of your dreaded history of inflammatory acne. Earlier there weren’t any treatments for such acne scars. But now, with so much progress in medical science, there is no scar, no wound which is unhealed.

The acne scars are somewhat different from the general wound scars. This is because, the wound occurs within the dermis and therefore, the scar is not particularly on the skin but within the skin. There are many kinds of acne scars, and they are widely categorized as:

Ice pick scars-these are the most common types of scars, which are found in most of the acne patients.

Boxcar scars-these have an angular shape which usually occurs on the cheeks and temple of the patient. These scars can be superficial or deep within the skin.

Hypertrophic scars-these is a more thickened form of scars

Rolling scars-the appearance of these scars give a wave-like a look to the skin.

When the skin heals the acne, it leaves a red mark on the skin. This is a hyper-pigmented mark which is caused due to the lesion. This mark can recover on its own after a period of time, which can vary from a month to several months. It is advisable to take care of the skin and prevent any further lesions in the same area and causing the mark to get worsened.

This can be avoided by taking proper precautions, which can cause a lesion. But if the lesion continues in the same area more than one time, then that red mark will be transformed into the scar after a period of time.

The skin will not be the same as it used to be before after these scars have taken over your skin. There are various treatments available to get rid of these scars. The most common treatment by which the scars are removed is through laser surgery. Also, the surgery depends on the type of scar you have.

You can not prevent the hormonal changes, nor can you change the skin type or some other natural factors resulting in acne. But what you can do is, to take care of that precious skin and follow a healthy diet and other measures which will help in early recovery of the lesions and further prevent from building any more of them. But even if you have acne scars, you need not worry; there is always a solution for everything! And hence you have surgery as a solution to your problem.

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