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What’s the Best Way to Deal with Acne

Acne typically occurs during puberty. However, a large number of adults suffer from it as well. The way you treat it and how early you treat your acne can have a tremendous effect on the future condition of your skin. Taking care of your skin is risky business, but here are a couple of tips to make the process less dangerous:

* Cut it off – Unfortunately, many acne-sufferers have problem areas around the forehead region. This is usually caused by longer hair or bangs continually scratching at the surface of your skin, causing irritation and bacteria build-up. It would be helpful for those people to get a hair cut, or start pinning their hair back.

* Be A Natural – Using cosmetics, unless recommended by a dermatologist, is a huge no-no for those who use it to cover up their acne. If you must, try an oil-free version to see if it helps. If not, let your natural self shine and clean regularly, your acne should at least clear up a little by just doing that.

* Let It Be – It can be agonizing to leave a pimple be. The urge to squeeze it for all its worth, however, could lead to scarring, irritation, and possibly even more acne. Refrain from going near the pimple, and it should clear up on its own in 2-7 days.

* Find “The One” – Finding the right treatment for your acne is essential to dealing with it. Try out a couple different free-trials or mini-bottles from the drugstore to experiment. Once you find the one that works for you, stock up and start living a more Pimples-free life.

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