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Acne Triggers & Remedies: Acne Treatment skin Care

Treatment For Acne

You can bet that some form of acne will affect just about every woman during her lifetime. This would include the pimples that seem to appear during the stressful periods of your life, to the breakouts that seem to appear like clockwork just before menstruation occurs.

Even though this frustrating problem generally appears on women in either the preteen or early pre-teen years of their life, this is not to say that it will not also occur on adult women as well. You do not have to simply deal with the frustrating problem of acne because there is a treatment available that can be very effective.

What Are The Causes Of Acne?

Sebum is a substance that our body produces and reaches the surface through each of our pores to protect and moisturize our skin. Although it is still unknown why acne may develop in some people, the pores are certainly a factor that can contribute to acne, and in others, it may simply be inherited. There are often times when some of the pores on the skin can become blocked, which will, in turn, cause both whiteheads and blackheads to appear on the skin. Generally, the most bothersome areas are the nose, the back, the cheeks, and the forehead. Some areas can even form red lumps or what is commonly referred to as nodules.

Several people have claimed the foods you eat can cause skin problems such as acne, however, this is a fact that has as of yet been proven. Some women have however found that there are certain food products that seem to affect their skin. This is a problem easily resolved, as you can remove those items from your diet.

Preventing The Problem

There are some individuals who have found that some products and other factors seem to aggravate the problem of acne, such as:

  • Hair that can brush against the skin of your face, neck, or back
  • Gels used on the hair that comes in contact with the skin
  • Creams that are thick that block the pores
  • Helmets, clothing, and hats that are known to retain moisture
  • Going to bed with damp hair

There are several different factors that are involved when it comes to the treatment of acne and trying to prevent as little scarring as possible. It helps tremendously in knowing what triggers your outbreaks and it is best if you try to avoid these specific causes.

The type of makeup that you wear is another factor that can contribute to the number of breakouts that you experience, so you might want to try several different name brand choices. For more severe cases, your dermatologist can prescribe a number of different medications or topical ointments, laser, and other helpful treatments. The most important thing is that you stick with the specific treatment program that you choose.

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