Side-Effects of Vitamin E Capsule

Side-Effects of Vitamin E Capsule

A side-effect is a word which can be described as an unwanted symptom caused by medical treatment. We believe that medicine can cure all the issue which our body internally or externally suffers. Even prescribed medicines, complementary medicines can also cause side- effect on our body. Complementary medicines include herbal preparation, vitamin E also. Many of the people suffer because of overdose or the side-effect of the medicines which they usually take every day. While most effects can be managed, some can be very serious and may even be able to cause death.

Effects of Vitamin E dosage

Skincare capsule is one of the leading medicine which women prefer for their skin health. Everyone wants a good looking, healthy, attractive and clear skin. To maintain them they use several cosmetic products. Many of them use pill or vitamins for their product, which is good but they can also cause a side effect to their health. According to a study about 60% of people use vitamins medicines. They believe that they are safer because they come for a natural source. And prescribed by their doctors. But some of the herbal or prescribe medicine also causes side-effect to the skin and health of the person who is consuming them on a daily basis.

What could happen if the capsule goes overdose?

One should not take the vitamins or complementary capsules on a daily basis without consulting to the doctor because taking high doses of such capsule can cause various and serious side effect on your health. Blurred vision, diarrhoea, dizziness, headache, cramps, unusual tiredness or mild rashes are some of the side-effects Therefore be sure to take an accurate and recommended dosage only otherwise it can cause serious health issue as it can also mess with female ovaries and reproductive system if not used properly.

How to overcome the risk of Vitamin E side-effect

There will be always overcome to reduce the risk of the side-effect:

  • Before taking any vitamins or supplementary capsule must consult to your doctor.
  • Take all medicine recommender by your doctor.
  • Don’t take anyone else’s medicine (friends, relative)
  • Before taking the medicine to learn all about your medicine. How to use and what amount to be taken.
  • must consult to the pharmacist about the side-effect of the vitamin or supplementary capsule. They can give you the advice on how to use and in which the amount of capsule is good for you. Even they can also advise you with other medicine you are taking.

• If you notice any minor change in your skin or health immediately consult to your doctor and discuss with your issue. Tell the doctor the entire medicine or vitamins capsule you are taking. Always go for the review before taking any capsule.


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