Sebamed liquid cleanser-I can use full body of my baby or not?

Sebamed liquid cleanser protects their baby skin with the best care. They always worried about their baby skin and give them a product which can maintain their baby skin P.H level. And keep their skin moisturized. Baby skin is very delicate as compared to adult or teenage, and has to be care very care full while handling them. Mother always got confused and worried that what product they most use to their baby skin which can keep them soft and moisturize.

Sebamed is a world pioneer in P.H 5.5 based product. And its aim is to protect the baby’s acid mantle as it is crucial to the baby’s development. BabySebamed liquid cleanser product has pH 5.5 which is slightly acidic and in turn not only aids the development of the acidic mantle which protect the baby skin. Also prevents moisture loss and aids in skin hydrate. This product is 100% free from of cancerous harmful chemical like Formaldehyde and irritants which are crucial for safe baby skin.

Key Features of Baby Sebamed liquid cleanser 

  • Made in Germany
  • Gentle care and protection of baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Emollient with 95% natural soya oils
  • High contain with the formula of vitamin F, a soya oil compound, insure high skin tolerability
  • Gentle protection for delicate baby skin.
  • Ideal from days 7 – 2 years.
  • No allergic reaction to the skin.

Best Baby Massage Oil for Soothing

Baby Sebamed liquid cleanser soothing massage oil is 100% botanical and no- sticky massage oil. This is very good for baby skin. It helps baby skin to stay safe and healthy. It also provides reliable protection against diaper rash used for insect bites. As it contains a Titanium Dioxide which forms a protective barrier against aggressive substance, which causes inflammation. Also clinically proven to reduce 50% diaper rash with 3 weeks. Baby Sebamed was developed in cooperation with skin and paediatric clinics for the specific needs of baby’s skin and dermatologically tested. It not only assures you about your baby sensitive skin remains healthy but also calms the skin and accelerates the healing process.

Daily care is important to your baby

It’s a blessing to be a mother. As a mother, it’s our duty and responsibility to take gentle care of baby skin and protect them with the harsh product. During the first few months of baby life. They need loving physical comfort taking your baby care by bathing them provide you to shower your love and affection toward them. Massaging your baby body with oil give them firm and gentle care to their skin. Speak tenderly to them and cuddle them frequently when changing their nappy. Impulses are sent to the nervous system and the brain via the skin. While this, you will be aiding both the physical and the mental development of your child.

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