How to Protect Skin and Hair from The Holi Colors?

How to Protect Skin and Hair from The Holi Colors

Holi means Holy and Pure. The sole purpose of celebrating Festival Holi gives equanimity, oneness & sameness. Using colors to each other faces in such a way that you cannot even recognize the face of the other person. This is the beauty of all become ONE. After reading this article, you will learn how to protect skin and hair from The Holi colors without losing the zeal of celebrating Holi.

People celebrating Holi with natural colors made from flowers and herbs. But nowadays the harmful ingredients that are used in the colors cause discomfort to our skin, hair, eyes, and hazardous to the overall body as well.

Points you need to follow for a healthy and joyful Holi :

1.  Organic Color to Protect Skin and Hair : 

You should promote in your surroundings to use natural colors like Haldi, organic Gulal, Tesu or Genda, and Beetroot juice. You should avoid using toxic colors which contain harmful chemicals.

2. Normally Holi colors stay on your skin and hair for a few days : 

You need to apply body oil all over your body and massage it into the skin just a day before Holi. You can apply oil hair to form a protective shield on strands.

3. Precautions on The Holi celebrations day :

You can apply body lotion. You Don’t need to keep your hair open while playing Holi. You can apply a hair mask or hair oil to nourish and moisturize your scalp.

4. Cloths :

You can choose to wear full-sleeved cloth to avoid direct exposure to colors. Ladies should avoid wearing transparent clothes. You should avoid wearing white or light-colored clothes.

5. Eyes and Nails :

You can apply Vaseline and rub a dash of baby oil on eyelashes and nails. It’s advisable to use oil between fingertips, near fingernails, and behind the ear.

6. The Day After Holi :

(i). For skin, you can use a gentle face wash and body wash all over and gently scrub the skin with a loofah to get rid of the color.
(ii). To protect hair use shampoo on your hair and rinse with cold water slowly.
(iii). You can take a bath with lukewarm water using a mild shampoo as well as a gentle face and body cleanser.
(iv). Apply a generous amount of cleansing milk all over the body.
(v).  Use aloe vera gel on the body to help tame irritated skin.
(vi). In case of an allergy, you can use a mild steroid and antibiotic-based cream to take care of the allergy.
(vii). You can consult a dermatologist if a rash appears and persists.

7. Wear Glasses or Sunglasses :

Your eyes are sensitive, and the chemical content in the colors can lead to irritation. In case of irritation persists don’t delay contacting an eye specialist.

8. Hydratation Level :

You should keep drinking plenty of water to stay your skin hydrated.

Don’t Do in Holi Session to Protect Skin and Hair :

1. You should avoid bleach or facial for at least a week so that your skin can normally obtain balance.

2. Don’t be green with envy or blue with sickness. enjoy in the essence of the soul purpose of celebrating Holi.

Conclusion :

I am sure this article helps you to find How to Protect Skin and Hair from The Holi Colors. Please do follow these points to make sure your festival goes smoothly. Feel free if you have any suggestions or points regarding this content. Let’s throw out the colors in the air with a bit of romantic color and this is all from my side. Happy Holi to All!

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