How to Protect New Born Babies During the Monsoons ?

How to Protect New Born Babies During the Monsoons

Monsoon is here!

One of the most frequently asked questions during this time is how to Protect Newborn babies during the monsoons. To keep your baby healthy and fit is your priority especially during monsoon. So, if you have born babies in your house then, you are on the right page. This blog will help you out in knowing how to protect born babies during the monsoon.


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How to protect the born babies during the monsoon

Try to dress your baby in warm clothes. Opt for breathable cotton clothes and wash them properly. Keep your baby dry and make sure to keep a check on the diapers. Change them regularly to avoid rashes. Change the nappies regularly and in fact keep your baby nappy free for a while as well. Stay away from the crowd and always carry a sanitizer while going out. Consult your doctor and get enough knowledge about the flu vaccine.  


How to protect the born babies during the monsoon


Protect Newborn babies during the monsoons– Maintain proper hygiene

Bathing your baby daily is not necessary. So, opt for two to three times a week. Make sure to sanitise your hand before touching the baby. Wash the clothes regularly with an organic disinfectant. Keep a bed net, coil repellent and mesh window at your home. Cover your baby properly in clothes and blankets. Keep your house clean. Don’t take you, baby, out for long hours especially after rain.

How to protect the born babies during the monsoon

Use boiled water for baby formula and food to keep your baby away from water-borne diseases. Don’t forget to wash fruits and vegetables daily.

 Ensure clean surroundings

You need to ensure clean surroundings to your baby especially during the monsoon. Clean the room at regular intervals using organic disinfectants. Cover the garbage properly and dispose of the garbage every morning. Make sure there is no stagnant water in the house especially in flower pots, garden and cooler. So, that no mosquitoes could breed and keep a check on the drainage system and repair it if there is any leakage.

These were some of the ways in which you can protect born babies during the monsoon and keep them healthy and fit. Maintain proper hygiene and keep your house clean. Remember, your hygiene is also important for the baby’s hygiene. So, eat healthily, wash your hands regularly and keep a safe distance from people. Whenever you come back from the office or outside, take a bath, change your clothes and then, pick up your baby.

Newborn babies require little more care and attention. So, be careful.


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