How to protect from black fungus in Covid patients

How to protect from black fungus
As per the Central government and according to the Union Health Ministry, mucormycosis is a fungal infection that mainly affects people who are on medication and reduces their ability to fight environmental pathogens. the fungal infection starts from the nose, then reaches the eyes, and then goes to the brain, but quick medical help protects from black fungus infections. If your symptoms are recognized early, then treatment is possible.

What is Black Fungus?

It’s a fungal infection known as ‘black fungus’ or zygomycosis caused by a group of mould called mucormycetes. It is found in some Covid-19 patients. It’s observed in the shape of blackish moulds. People today get mucormycosis by coming in contact with the fungal spores in the environment.  The fungus causes the illness which has been connected to the airborne COVID-19 disease. 

What are the symptoms?

  1. Black lesions in the upper inside of the mouth, sinus problems, nasal congestion.
  2. One-sided facial swelling and sudden breakage of teeth, half-face numbness.
  3. Dark-colored water coming out of the nose or bleeding.
  4. Eye swelling, blurring.
  5. Chest pain, pleural effusion.
  6. Having trouble breathing, fever, headache.
  7. Fever

Preventive measures black fungus:

  1. Sugar patients will have to keep checking their blood sugar level and keep it under control.

  2. You can use steroids only after the doctor’s advice and consult a doctor about using antibiotics and antifungal medicines. In this self-prescribed and unmonitored use of steroids should be strictly avoided.

  3. If you are taking oxygen, use only clean water in a humidifier. then Keep hyperglycemia under control.

  4. You should discontinue immunity booster medicines, and regular blood sugar monitoring is a must for all patients using oral steroids.

  5. Normally, MRI scans ascertain the degree of harm the fungus could have caused, and you should take your body hydrated. 

  6. All these are life saving medications when used topically but can cause different complications when misused, and early diagnosis and treatment can also go a long way. 

Good blood sugar control is a must for all diabetic patients. It becomes even more critical with the use of steroids during the treatment of covid19.  Doctors consultant is applicable even for patients who do not have diabetes and should be continued even post-Covid-19 discharge.  These are lifesaving drugs when used judiciously but have the potential to cause various complications when misused. Early diagnosis and treatment can also go a long way in controlling this otherwise life-threatening condition.

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