Lungs Exercise for Covid-19 | Simple Lungs Exercises to Fight COVID-19


Lungs Exercise for Covid-19 is essential in this covid- 19 pandemic because prevention is better than cure. 

A large number of people are losing their own lives.  People are experiencing breathlessness, and there are long queues for oxygen from hospitals.  

Among the serious signs of Covid-19 is the dropping amount of oxygen.  While the health and healthcare experts are trying their very best to take care of the circumstance, it is also possible to help them by making your lungs powerful.

It is now extremely important to construct decent immunity and Lungs. Exercise for Covid-19 to currently strengthen your lungs. 

Between 60 and 65% of those patients are experiencing difficulty breathing due to a new breed of Coronavirus. Their oxygen level declines rapidly.  Within two to three times, it reaches under 80, and in this kind of circumstance, oxygen is necessary instantly.  If oxygen isn’t available in this period, the problem becomes quite severe. One of the reasons you ought to create breathing exercises is part of your everyday routine.

You need to follow the given below Lungs Exercise for Covid-19 step by step carefully. 

  1. Proning Lungs Exercise for Covid-19

–  You can take a deep breath to the lungs, lie down. Place a pillow on the head and knees. 

–  In this, you need to close your eyes and feel the surrounding environment, such as the sound of wind, birds, etc. 

–  You should slowly fill a deep breath to the stomach. Hold the breath as much as possible and then release slowly.

– In this exercise, keep one hand on the stomach and the other hand on the chest.

– You can try to feel that the oxygen present in the air is making the lungs strong.

– In exhaling breath, feel that all the negativity and diseases are going out of the body. 

– Timing should be the same breathing and exhalation. 

  1. Balloon exercise:

– You should take a deep breath and fill the mouth with as much air as the balloon inflates. 

– Stay in this posture for five seconds. Hold your breath.

– This exercise keeps your lungs healthy as it takes in oxygen during inhalation and expels carbon dioxide

–  A few deep breaths can help to relax your body and mind. A breathing Balloon is a simple breathing exercise that increases lung capacity. 

  1. Quit Smoking Habit:

– Coronavirus highly affects the lungs, so undoubtedly, the smoking habit has to be changed first.

–  According to a WHO report, if you wish to protect the lungs from corona disease, then you’ve got to give up smoking. It raises the threat of death.

–  Smoking raises the chance of cancer, in addition to other respiratory issues, like asthma, COPD, and other ailments. 

  1. Avoid pollution:

Pollution is extremely detrimental to the lungs.  Besides smoking, we need to attempt and maintain distance from any contaminated dust, smoke, or storms.

  1. Eat healthy and balanced food: 

 If the lungs are fortified, then you’ll need to modify your diet too. Because of this, you also need to consume fruits, green vegetables, carbohydrates, protein goods, and dairy goods in massive amounts.

  1. Makarasana Breathing Exercise:

Makarasana exercise permits us to maximize our overall breathing capacity by activating our lungs’ extremely large surface area in the trunk.

The more we know to engage unique components of the lungs, the greater our breathing ability and the oxygen we can consume with each breath. 

– You can lie down on your belly in a prone position. 

–  Now rest your forehead on your arms.

– Your toes should straight back and relax your body.

– You should take a deep breath and exhale and relax.

Breathing exercises are an excellent way to strengthen the diaphragm and train the entire body to participate in the lungs to breathe deeply and effectively.  

All this enhances our energy levels and leaves us active as every cell within the body receives the oxygen it needs to function.  More to the point, the fitter and more efficient our lungs, the greater their ability to resist infections.

Healthy lifestyle increase lung capacity: 

  1. Drinking plenty of water
  2. Refraining from smoking
  3. Staying physically active

This Lungs Exercise for Covid-19 gives positive results and one of best efforts anyone can give to oneself.

If you feel any symptoms of poor lung health, such as shortness of breath, pain when breathing, or a cough. You should contact a doctor.


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