How to treat your baby acne on face

Acne is a common skin issue among all the age. Nearly every teen is suffering from this skin problem. If early you notice and take a correct step for your baby acne you can minimize it. Keep your young teen’s skin healthy and clear mild acne breakout before it can progress. Watch the small blackheads, especially on the nose where acne usually start. And it spread to the forehead, then cheeks and chin. You must be careful about your child skin and catch the breakout early before they begin to spread over the full face.

Teach Your Child a Good Skin Care Habits to prevent baby acne

 How to treat your baby acne on face

Teaching your children good habits is the basic lesson of their upbringing. Good habits and taking care of the skin shows the great result if it started I the early age. Beginning around age 9, tell your children to wash their face every night with some mild soap and warm water. Washing face will help to improve mild pore blockage appear in your child’s face. Daily cleansing is important for your child especially for the boys, as longer-lasting acne can develop.

If you notice any pimple in your child face tells them to use a cleanser which contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Apply any moisturizer if you find any dryness in your child skin. Child skin is very sensitive so choose a very mild product for their skin as the harsh product can irritate the skin.

Use mild treatment cream for toddler acne on face

Use a mild product for your child skin. Benzoyl peroxide is very common and inexpensive product that can be used for treating the acne. It is very effective and kills bacteria that causes pimples and is highly successful in treating mild cases of acne. It will not affect your child skin. Apply a thin layer on the affected area once or twice daily.

Not to pop pimple     

Touching or picking at a pimple can causes scarring inflammation and can make worse acne so teach your child not to pick at or “pop” pimple. Young teens are highly determined to pick at their skin. Remind them not to touch and keep their hands away from them. Popping pimples can cause more breakouts.

If required consult to doctor

If you are noticing that your baby acne is not getting better from the home treatment. Or you notice any increasing sine of acne breakout consults to your doctor. Your dermatologist can help your child and can create a treatment plan for them. The sooner you begin treating acne, the easier it is to control. And in future they will not meet with some of the serious skin issue. Try not to ignore your children skin health.

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