How to Improve Oxygen Level in Covid-19 at Home Naturally

How to improve oxygen level
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How to improve oxygen level in covid at home.

Shortness of breath and varying oxygen levels are the significant signs of Covid-19 . It is essential to maintain oxygen levels. Medical specialists state that the breathing exercise may bring instant relief and assist the oxygen saturation within the human physique. Families and patients making desperate calls for hospital beds, oxygen, or essential medications. It’s vital to understand how to improve oxygen levels in covid at home.  

  1. Anulom-vilom :

 Anulom-vilom helps in clearing nasal passage out and enhances respiratory muscle power. Practiced it on an empty stomach in the daytime or the day after a lengthy gap article using a meal. It’s increases  to improve oxygen level at your own pace.

Steps to perform Anulom-Vilom :

– You can sit on a chair or the ground cross-legged.

-select a meditation sitting posture and keep your spine and neck straight, shut your eyes.

–  Now, with your right thumb, close your right nostril and inhale through the left nostril.

-You need to is  reverse and repeat process.

– You should pay attention to your breathing and, throughout the process, be conscious of your breathing.

Benefits  Anulom-vilom :

                 1. Anulom-vilom enhances your lung capacity and oxygenation through the entire body.

  1. It helps to breathe and exercise severe health ailments. 

  2. It helps you overcome negative emotions like anger, forgetfulness, uneasiness, migraines, and usefulness, beating negative thoughts. 

             4. It helps Concentration, patience, attention, decision-making ability. 

2. Bhramari :

Bhramari is a humming workout, which raises nitric oxide within the human body and functions as vasodilators. 

It assists with greater blood flow through blood vessels and prevents tissues from tightening.

Bhramari Pranayama helps release your head of agitation, frustration or anger, and anxiety.  This breathing exercise enables you to de-stress yourself. 

How to do Bhramari :

–  You can sit on the Padmasana or any other sitting Asana.

– Now close your eyes and breathe deeply.

– Place your middle and ring fingers lightly at the inner corner of your eyes.

– Now, concentrate your mind on the area between your eyebrows and Inhale again.

–  Make the humming sound and don’t feel stress.

– Try to feel connected to all the positive energies of the universe.

Benefits of Bharamari :

  1. It helps to increase the oxygen level in your body and relieves you from hypertension.

  2. People of all ages can try this breathing exercise, including pregnant women, which helps in high blood pressure and heart problems. It helps to maintain and regulate the functioning of the endocrine system and provides easy childbirth.

  3. It is perfect for Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s disease and the most effective Pranayama for awakening the Kundalini.

3. Matsyasana/Fish Pose :

Matsyasana,  aids in keeping the equilibrium of dispersing an equivalent quantity of oxygen into your blood. It helps in improving the blood flow in the human body.

How to do Matsyasana/Fish Pose :

–  In Matsyasana Lie on your back to the ground with your knees bent, feet on the floor.  rest your buttocks onto the backs of your hands.  you tuck your elbows and elbows upward near the sides of the chest.

– Inhale and press on your elbows and elbows firmly against the ground.  Next, pack on your scapulas in your spine and using an inhale.

 -lift your upper chest and head away from the ground. 

– Launch your head straight on the floor.

  Based on how large you bend your spine and lift your torso, either the back of your mind along with its summit will break on the ground.

– You’ll be able to keep your knees flexed or straighten out your legs on the ground.

– If you do the latter, maintain your thighs busy, and press through the heels.

– With an exhalation, decrease your chest and head to the ground. Draw up your thighs into your stomach and squeeze.

Benefits Matsyasana/Fish Pose :

             1.Regular practice of this Matsyasana/Fish Pose. Everyone feels relaxed and rejuvenated. It works on the head, eliminates all negative  thoughts from the mind, and helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. 

             2.It aids the immune system, and blood circulation helps to improve oxygen level in your body.

             3.It improves the rhythmic breathing pattern, reduces respiratory problems, and is helpful with asthma and bronchitis.

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