How to get rid of the food that causes acne

food that causes acne

Acne is the most common skin problem which about 50% of people across the world suffer. Acne occurs due to many factors, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, blocked pores and inflammation. According to the study food play an important role in acne development. Many people thought that applying various cosmetic product can control acne and make the skin look healthy. But some time only what you inhale in your body also affects the skin and cause the breakout. In this fast generation due to lack of time peoples are not getting proper food and not really concern about what they are actually having. They are not thinking that what food that can causes acne and food will be good for their health as well as for their skin. They totally depend on the product which they apply or the medicine which they have to control the acne. But sometimes such things affect your skin.

Is all food are good for the skin?

fruits that cause acne

 Not all food is good for your skin. As various food contain various nutrients, minerals, vitamins which may not be good for your skin health. Now day’s peoples are fond of junk food and sugary foods. There are some food that can causes acne.

  1. Sugar and carbohydrates: sugar is not good for the people who are suffering from the acne breakout. As sugar easily get dissolve in the blood and causes a breakout. Not only sugar is harmful but food containing carbohydrates also causes a breakout. Food rich in carbohydrates is Bread, crackers cereals or dessert, pasta, made with flour, white rice, soda or other sweet beverage.
  2. Dairy Products: according to the several study they shows the link between the dairy product and acne. The people who consume dairy product in regular basis were high chances to suffer from acne. Young adult and teenager are mostly got effect on consuming the dairy product because milk is known to increase insulin level which effect on blood sugar.
  3. Fast food: people are fond of eating western style diet which is rich in calories, fat and carbohydrate. Fast food items like burgers, pizza, nuggets, fries etc. may increase the chances of acne breakout as it affect gene expression and alter hormone level.
  4. Omega-6 fats: Food which is rich in omega-6 fatty acid shows the cause of acne. The food like corn and soy oil contain large amount of omega-6 fatty acid.
  5. Chocolate: girls are in love with chocolate. As chocolate is highly consisting of sugar. Emerging research supports a link between eating chocolate and developing acne.

Does diet affect acne

Proper diet is very important for your skin. As what you eat got absorb in your blood which shows the result to your skin. Healthy skin required a good diet.

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