How to get rid of old scars

" How to get rid of old scars"

When the skin got cut, burned or damaged from a disease or condition like chickenpox, acne and surgery these are the causes of formation of scar in your body. Scar marks in your body affect your appearance; they can make you feel self-conscious. And beak your confident low and affect your impression in the front of other people.

Many people want to get rid of old scar and they use various products but end with disappointment. If you want to get rid of old scar then you have to first understand the type of scar.

The scar is unknown the healing process of the injury face by your body. When the dermis- the second layer of skin- is damaged, your body forms collagen fibres to repair the damage and that result the scars.

The severity based on the injury or damaged. Scars form differently in different parts of the body. It differs based on the age of the injured person.

Types of scars

  •  Hypertrophic Scars: These scars are characterized by excess tissue that forms over the skin as it does not grow outside the injured area. It makes the skin darker than other skin in the area.
  •  Keloid Scars: this scar is the result of aggressive healing and overproduction of tissue. They show thick, puffy appearance. They are typically darker than the surrounding skin. It grows beyond the injured area.

Some of the remedies for getting rid of old scars

There is no permanent way of getting rid of the scars but there are many methods and natural ingredient which will make the scar lighter overtime on their own.

Here is some of the ingredient that has been effective for some of the people.

  • Aloe Vera: This has been used for centuries for its amazing therapeutic properties. Aloe Vera contains a get like substance that promotes the skin regeneration process and has an antiseptic effect on the damaged skin.
  • Sandalwood oil and lavender oil: this oil generally promotes collagen and has antiseptic and healing properties. Applying these oils will make the scar lighter.
  • Lemon: it is rich in bioactive also contain acid properties which help to make the darker skin lighter. Gently rub the juicy side of the lemon on the scar relax for about 10 minutes then rinse off with cool water.
  • Honey: Raw honey is an age-old therapy to fade scars. It contains a bioactive compound and can aid in treating wounds. Mix some raw material with baking soda massage the mixture on the scar for at least 5 minutes and place the hot towel over the area and then remove when the towel gets cool down.


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