How to get pimple free skin?

How can I get acne free skin

Acne is also known as a pimple. It occurs when your skin absorbs excess oil, skin gland overactive and pores get inflamed. Pimple can appear anywhere on the skin. Almost 80 per cent of people across the world including men are also suffering from such skin issue, and many have dreamed of pimple free skin.

Acne is usually formed by androgen hormones and in some case genetic. If you think to get rid of pimple free skin then there is no sure way to prevent them. There are also many products and surgery available in the market who assure you to totally get rid of acne but that not so true. As there is not any such product which will satisfy you fully but can control the breakout and some types of bacteria which may make the pimple worse. Still, there are many methods that you can adapt to reduce their severity and keep them in control.

The method that can help you to get the Acne free skin

  1. Wash your face: The first method which will help you to prevent pimples is important to wash your face properly because it will help your skin to remove the excess oil, dirt and sweat. Washing your face more than twice a day will help your skin to not absorb the skin and dirt. Wash your face with a suitable face wash in a circular motion using your finger, not a washcloth. Rinse thoroughly, and let them dry
  2. Moisturize skin: Moisturizer helps the skin to stay hydrated but there are also many products available that contain oil, synthetic fragrance or many other ingredients that may irritate you can which will cause pimple. So use fragrance-free moisturizer. And apply it after cleaning your face.
  3. Limit Makeup: many of you use makeup to hide pimple from your face. However, doing so it may clog pores and trigger outbreaks. So it better to go natural or if you do makeup avoid greasy and heavy foundation. And if possible use light makeup or non-comedogenic makeup. To help prevent outbreak choose oil-free product options.
  4. Keep away your hand: your hands are the first to encounter the germs and bacteria throughout the whole day. And each time if you touch your face that affect your face, some of those pore-clogging impurities may get transferred into your skin.
  5. Use antibiotics: Antibiotic helps to reduce the inflammation and bacteria on the skin. If you are taking antibiotic then firstly consult to your doctor.

Hydrate your skin: hydrating your skin is the most important to prevent the breakout. If you’re dehydrated then your skin will produce more oil. So keep your skin hydrated to get pimple free skin by having an appropriate amount of water.

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