Daily skin care routine

Daily skin care home remedies

Taking care of Skin is one of the most important parts of the personal life which they perform daily. They use many products which consist of a chemical ingredient that affect the skin. Instead of reaching for harmful, harsh beauty product, it’s time to rifle through your pantry and makes your own beauty product. Essentially skin darkening is caused by overexposure to sunlight or the environment pollution and overproduction of the pigment melanin skin. The home remedies for glowing and healthy skin will help to remove surface dullness and reduce melanin production which will give you clear and smooth skin.

There are many daily skin care home remedies you don’t know that they are very much beneficial for the skin. Natural resources are always shown better result for the healthy and glowing skin because it serves the many nutrients which skin is required.

Here is the best tried and tested home remedies list.

"Daily skin care home remedies"

Effective daily skin care home remedies for healthy and flawless skin

There are many ingredients such as potato, honey, papaya, rose water, and much more available in your kitchen which can serve you flawless and clean skin.

  1. Apply raw potato: Raw potato is very effective in brightener skin. Fine mask the potato and apply on your face as a mask and rinse after a few minutes with lukewarm water. Potato is also excellent for treating under eye circles as well. Cut the thin slice of potato and put on your eyes for a few minutes. Regular use of this will give you glowing skin.
  2. A mixture of cinnamon and honey: people those who are suffering from the problem of acne should use this homemade mask of honey and cinnamon. This mask will help in reducing active acne. Apply fresh Aloe Vera pulp as it is a great moisturizer for acne-prone dry skin.
  3. Turmeric- anti-oxidant: turmeric consists of natural anti-oxidant, antiseptic and skin whitening properties. Applying a paste of turmeric will help to remove tan and treat blemishes. A paste made with curd as a base and mixed with turmeric is excellent for removing tanning.
  4. Milk and honey: Milk helps in preventing acne and moisturizes the skin well. So milk and honey can serve you a flawless glow.
  5. Tomato is effective: tomatoes help in shrinking pores. It also helps in reducing blackheads. Massage your blackhead prone area with tomato slice to get rid of blackheads.
  6. Aloe Vera and ginger: mixed aloe Vera with few drops of ginger and apply on your face will help you to get rid of acne. Aloe Vera is a great moisturizer and helps you to get rid of acne.

Rice water to treat Acne

 Just pour some rice water onto a cotton pad and massage it over your face. It will help reduce redness as it acts like as an astringent which will help prevent future breakout.


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