Covid-19 pandemic and the effect in skin: what should dermatologists do?

COVID-19 infection

The world has been chance since COVID-19 pandemic began. It not only affects the social, occupational and personal life. This coronavirus gives the novel challenge to all physicians including the dermatologists across the world. This virus not only affects the internal part of the body but shows several skin injuries, Pressure injury, itch, pressure urticarial and preexisting skin diseases, including acne.

Causes of COVID-19 in the Skin

The skin complication in COVID-19 infection is mainly due to the hyper-hydration. Its effect of PPE, friction, epidermal barrier breakdown, and contact reactions. All of which may aggravate an existing skin disease. The most commonly affected skin ere the nasal bridge. (83% due to the use of protective goggles but not the hygiene mask, cheeks, forehead, and the hands). According to the study shows that COVID-19 spread rapidly among the people by not maintaining the social distance. To many health care workers complained of acne, and facial itching.

Dermatologists around the world are gathering data on what may be largely overlooked symptoms of COVID-19. It shows the skin condition starting from the rashes to “pseudo-frostbite”.

There are many viral illness-including chicken poxes, measles and mononucleosis are accompanied by skin rashes, and body shows high inflammatory response while fighting off infection. Through more research is needed, a growing number of case reports and preliminary studies SARS-CO-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can also affect the skin.

In late March, an Italian physician submitted a letter to the editor of the journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology that describe that 20% of skin condition got affected by COVID-19. Patients analyzed in the Lombardy region of Italy shows that most of them developed red rashes on their torsos, while few suffered hives resemble chickenpox.

Dermatology organization represent more than 400 French dermatologist issues. The statement that mentions that COVID-19 patients have been skin symptoms including hives, rashes and frostbite.

In the U.S more than 100 cases of the condition characterized by purple. As bruise-like bumps and swelling have been recorded in a COVID-19.

MEN have high levels of an enzyme key to COVID-19 infection, study finds

MEN have high levels of an enzyme key to COVID-19 infection, study finds

According to the survey in London:

Men’s blood has higher levels than women’s of a key enzyme used by the coronavirus to infect cells. The result of the big European study showed Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 is found In the heart, kidney and other organs. In COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Its plays a role in how the infection progresses into the lungs.

According to the study the death and infection tolls point to men being more likely than women to contract the disease and to suffer a critical complication.

Dermatologist participation in COVID-19

In the uprising era of COVID-19, dermatologist not only should contribute their knowledge and professional skill in healthcare but also embraces the opportunities to study the pathogenesis and apply it into healthcare. The face dermatologist problems should devote themselves to help the academic, regional, and global society to combat the novel virus.

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