Can Corona Virus live in Your Hair and How long?

"Can Corona Virus live in Your Hair and How long"

Corona virus (COVID-19) it not affects the social, occupational and personal life.  But give the novel challenge to all physicians including dermatologists. This virus not only affects the internal part of the body but also affect several skin injuries. There is one question arose between the people that do coronavirus live in our hair?  How long?

Yes, the Virus can stay even on your hair.

There are many questions evolving regarding COVID-19. Researchers across the world are studying the virus and how it behaves. We all know have some of the little information about this virus of its early symptoms. There is still some question nagging how long it can last on a certain surface of the body. Some surface can make vulnerable to the virus.

According to the study that revealed that the stain of COVID-19 can stay on clothes for a day and on the substance like stainless steel and plastic for four days. All of us are doing our best to stay away from this virus. But what if the virus is in your hair? What can we do to reduce the infection?

Coronavirus on Human Hair

According to the study the link establishes between the coronavirus and human hair or bread. But still not got any more information that how long its stay on the hair. However, it is possible to stay the virus for at least some hours on human hair. But it doesn’t mean that you should start washing your hair after returning from an outside trip. Doing this will affect your hair health.

As per the study and expert, you do not have to worry about your hair till the time you are maintaining social distance. If someone sneezes on the back of your hair, the chances of having the virus are very low as you do not touch your hair every time. So coming in the contact o the virus is very less.

If you are outside and touching the public surface, immediately wash your hand and face after reaching home. You can keep yourself at risk if you touch your hair contaminated hands. So when you are out trying to not touch your hair.

Precaution is necessary

As long the COVID-19 still actively spreading in a community, it could be difficult to prevent its effect in barbers or hair salon unless barbers or hair stylists can wear a mask and gloves. And somehow maintain enough distance from you.  And it is not possible for them to main enough distance and cut your hair. So it is a bad idea to go to a barbershop or a hair salon for a haircut, Even if they are open. A barber throwing clippers and scissors at your head from a distance is not a good idea too it can be quite risky. 

Moreover, can you really be sure that combs, brushes, and another item that may touch your face are being adequately disinfected between customers? And you’re also not sure that the barber or stylists are not affected by that virus.

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