Can bio oil be used with other skin care products without deactivating their active Ingredient?

Most of the people are very much concern about their skin care products. They literally take care of their skin and always think how their skin looks. Wrinkle, acne, sunburn is common an issue of the skin of the people. They always search for a better product which will suit their skin without giving any side-affect to their skin. It is a chief concern, as most people want younger-looking skin. “Bio-oil” is one of the best product can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkle and the telltale signs of ageing. The formulated oil contains ingredients designed to help plasticize the skin, making it soft and smooth. Bio-oil also helps skin to moisturize plus improve the texture, tone and appearance.

Bio-oil nourishes Dehydrate skin

It is a great skin care product to apply after bathing as it helps the skin to replenish. And can safely enjoy the goodness of this exceptional product on your face. It can be used after bathing, showering, sun-tanning or swimming. Massage gently into the skin, avoiding the dry or chapped area. Bio-oil is lighter and non-greasy. This helps the oil quickly absorb into the skin and make skin moisturizing.

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Benefits of Using Bio-Oil

Bio-oil gives benefits in many forms. It is oil derived from lavender rosemary; the formula also contains a ‘breakthrough’ ingredient called Purcell in oil:

  • For wrinkle: vitamin A contains in bio-oil help to promote cell turnover. It is also known for the treatment for the acne and softens wrinkles. It also dehydrates which can plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkle.
  • Dark spots on the face: bio-oil is most effective for the treatment of the dark spots. As it uses genetics or ultraviolet (UV) exposure which reduces the dark sport of the face.
  • Skin lightening: By using bio oil for at least 8 weeks it improves the scar colour.
  • On stretch marks: most of the dermatologist recommend bio-oil for the stretch mark. It is very much effective in removing the stretch mark.
  • can be used during pregnancy: it has been Bio oil does contain a few ingredients that may be harmful during pregnancy. According to the research, no harm will be on the skin the product has been used safely and effectively by pregnant women for the year.

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Bio-oil side Effect

Bio-oil is examining safe for all the skin. Throughout it also has certain risk and side effect associated with the product. All along of applying bio-oil have to keep in mind that doesn’t use it if your skin care products or scar is cracked or bleeding. The product contains fragrance and can be harmful.

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