10 Natural Beauty Tips for face

10 Natural Beauty Tips for face

In this world full of harmful chemicals, there are several artificial products available in the market that can harm your face. On that note, you can also use some of the natural beauty products to take care of your skin. As a result, your face gets enriched with the helpfulness of nature. The article has gone through some of the natural beauty tips for face that you can utilize in your everyday life to make your skin more attractive and glowing.

1.Turmeric for Glowing skin

Turmeric powder not only works to glow up the skin, but it also works as an antiseptic for your skin. On that note, you need to apply the tamarind paste followed by sandalwood on your face and wash your face with cold water for the best results.

2.Tomato to control excess oil

Getting frustrated with some extra oil on your skin? you can opt for tomatoes to remove extra oil for your skin. It also works as a workable natural beauty tip for face. Simply apply a cut out of the apple on your face and rub gently, wash your face, and get the best results.

3.Aloe Vera for skin irritation

Just after hair removal or after using a skin treatment are you facing skin irritation? Use aloe vera to get relief. It is useful even to repair mosquito bytes.

natural beauty tips for face

4.Green tea as a toner

All you know that green tea removes metabolism, but did you know it works as a toner too? Use some green tea after cleansing to get the best results.

5.Chilled green tea to remove dark circles

Not only as a toner, but chilled green tea also helps to remove dark circles to make your skin perfect.

6.Multani mitti for pimples

Getting pimples in your skin? You can use some of the Multani mitti as a pack to stay away from pimples.

7.Cherry spa for dry skin

Take some cherry paste in a bowl and apply it on your face gently. After a short period, you need to wash your face using warm water.

8.Cucumber and lemon to remove blemishes

You can also remove cucumber and lemon mixture to remove blemishes from your face. Take some cucumber paste and lemon juice in a bowl and mix it well, apply in your face, and clean it using some freshwater.

9.Gram flour to remove tan

Facing excess tan on your skin, try some gram flour as a mask. After some time, massage your skin with a clean cloth and wash your face with water. Tan will be removed.

10.Papaya to remove dead skin

Dead skin on the face looks so irritating. On that note, apply some papaya on your skin and rub it gently on your skin. Next, clean your face with water, dead skin cells will be removed.


The article has described some important natural beauty tips for the face. You can use these tips as your daily remedy to leave your skin healthy and glowing. While using chemical products, it can leave some side effects on your skin, so it will be better for you to use organic beauty tips for face.

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